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Notice of Special Election - Building Maintenance Renewal/Continuation 2.77 mills - October 14,2023 - Saturday, October 14, 2023


Pursuant to the provisions of a resolution adopted by the Police Jury of the Parish of Claiborne, State of Louisiana (the "Governing Authority"), acting as the governing authority of the Parish of Claiborne, State of Louisiana (the "Parish"), on May 10, 2023, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a special election will be held within the Parish on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2023, and that at the said election there will be submitted to all registered voters in the Parish qualified and entitled to vote at the said election under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Louisiana and the Constitution of the United States, the following proposition, to-wit:


Shall the Parish of Claiborne, State of Louisiana (the "Parish"), continue to levy a tax of 2.77 mills on all the property subject to taxation in the Parish (an estimated $326,400 reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year), for a period of 10 years, beginning with the year 2025 and ending with the year 2034, for the purpose of operating, repairing, maintaining and equipping the Parish Courthouse, the Parish Jail and other Parish Buildings, including paying the cost of utilities therefore, said millage to represent a .06 increase (due to reappraisal) over the 2.71 mills tax authorized to be levied through the year 2024 pursuant to an election held on October 19, 2013?

Said special election will be held at each and every polling place in the Parish of Claiborne, which polls will open at seven o'clock (7:00) a.m. and close at eight o'clock (8:00) p.m., in accordance with the provisions of La. R.S. 18:541.

The polling places at the precincts in the Parish are hereby designated as the polling places at which to hold the said election, and the Commissioners-in-Charge and Commissioners, respectively, shall be those persons designated according to law.

The estimated cost of this election as determined by the Secretary of State based upon the provisions of Chapter 8-A of Title 18 and actual costs of similar elections is $3,800.

Notice is further given that a portion of the monies collected from the tax described in the Proposition shall be remitted to certain state and statewide retirement systems in the manner required by law.

The said special election will be held in accordance with the applicable provisions of Chapter 5 and Chapter 6-A of Title 18 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, as amended, and other constitutional and statutory authority, and the officers appointed to hold the said election, as provided in this Notice of Special Election, or such substitutes therefor as may be selected and designated in accordance with La. R.S. 18:1287, will make due returns thereof to said Governing Authority, and NOTICE IS HEREBY FURTHER GIVEN that the Governing Authority will meet at its regular meeting place, the Jury Chambers of the Police Jury Complex, 507 West Main Street, Homer, Louisiana, on WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2023, at TEN O'CLOCK (10:00) A.M., and shall then and there in open and public session proceed to examine and canvass the returns and declare the results of the said special election. All registered voters of the Parish are entitled to vote at said special election and voting machines will be used.

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