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Request for Bids for 2024 Tri-Axle Dump Truck with 14-16yd Dump Bed - May 6, 2024 - Monday, May 6, 2024


Claiborne Parish Police Jury Tri Axle Spec for 2024 Bid

Engine & Equipment---Equal to or Greater
Engine: 13 liter 455 HP minimum 2017 455@1600 1650@900 with engine brake.
Air Compressor: WABCO 25.9 CFM 440cc Air Compressor.
Air Cleaner: composite firewall mounted.
Pre-cleaner mounted in the hood plenum.
Fan Hub: Horton On/Off.
Cooling module: 1330 square inches.
Includes aluminum radiator core, aluminum charge air cooler, translucent
surge tank and washer bottle, silicone hoses, and extended life coolant.
Exhaust: 2017 EPA RH Under DPF/SCR w/ RH side of cab vertical tailpipe.
Alternator: 160 amps, brush type.
Batteries: 3 GP31 threaded post (700-730) 2100 CCA dual purpose.
Starter: 12-volt electrical system. W/centralized power distribution incorporating plug-in style relays. Circuit
protection for serviceability, 12-volt light system w/circuit protection circuits number & color coded.

Transmission & Clutch---Equal to or Greater
Transmission: Fuller RTO16908LL 10-speed manual type.
Clutch: Eaton 15-1/2 in. Advantage Self-Adjust to 1850 ft-lb, Ceramic, 6-Paddle.
Air-assisted Hydraulic Clutch.
Driveline: 2 RPL25 Severe Duty w/1 Center-bearing.
14 in. Eaton Fuller high capacity oil to water.
Aluminum clutch housing.

Front Axle & Equipment----Equal to or Greater
Front Axle rated at 20K, standard 156 track, 4 in. drop.
Front Brakes: 14,601-22K Bendix air disc brakes.
Splined rotor for front air disc brakes for use with iron hubs.
Front Hubs Iron hub pilot 20,000 lbs.
Front Springs: Taper-leaf 20K w/ shock absorbers w/ maintenance-free elastomer spring pin bushings.
Dual power steering gear: 16-22K Sheppard HD94.
Power Steering Cooler: Radiator Mounted Air-to-Oil.
Threaded Bushings for taper-leaf spring.

Rear Axle & Equipment---Equal to or Greater
Dual Meritor RT46-160P rear axle rated at 46K.
Rear Axle Ratio - 3.91.
Dual Rear Brakes 16-1/2x7 in. to 46K.
Dual Rear Brake Drums: cast.
Dual Rear Hubs: Aluminum hub pilot 46K.
Spring Brake: 3030 long stroke dual 30 square.
Bendix 6S/6M anti-lock brake system.
Driveline: 1 Meritor RPL20 Interaxle.
Tandem Hendrickson HAULMAAX (HMX) 460 46K 54 in. axle spacing. With shocks, track rods, rubber bolster bushings and 16.5 in. saddle height. Unladen Height: 10.6 in. Laden Height
Factory installed non-steerable pusher axle: Watson-Chalin AL2200.
16.5x7 in. Bendix Non-RSD brakes for use with non-steerable pusher assembly.
Cast brake drums 16.5x7 for non-steerable.
Non-steerable pusher Hubs Iron hub pilot 10-hole.
Pusher or Tag: gauge/switch dash-mounted; gauge and pressure regulator mounted BOC lower LH side.
1st Pusher location: 54 in. from c/l Forward tandem axle.

Tires & Wheels---Equal to or Greater
Front tires: Bridgestone M870 315/80R22.5 20PR.
Rear tires: Bridgestone M799 11R22.5 16PR.
1 Non-Steerable Pusher: 4 Bridgestone R250ED 255/70R22.5, 16PR.
Front Wheel: Alcoa 89U64 22.5X9 AL.
Rear Wheel: Accuride 51408 22.5x8.25 steel.
Non-Steerable Pusher Wheel: Accuride 51408 STL 22.5x8.25 Steel Armor[TM] powder coat. Hub-pilot.
Powder coat white steel wheel.

Frame & Equipment---Equal to or greater
Frame Rails: 10-5/8 x 3-1/2 x 5/16 in—Section modulus is 14.80, RBM is 1,776,000 in-lbs per rail.
Full Steel Insert: for 10-5/8 in Adds 1,149,000 in-lb to main rail RBM.
Bumper: Tapered polished aluminum channel.
Front tow hook: Center mounted, cast.
Huck bolts throughout frame.
Steel cantilever battery box BOC w/ smooth aluminum cover-- Vocational Style.

Fuel Tanks & Equip---Equal to or Greater
Fuel Tank: 100 US gallon 24.5in Aluminum driver’s side under door.
Small round DEF tank 11 gallons.

Cab & Equipment---Equal to or Greater
Cab: Stamped aluminum cab with panoramic curved glass windshield. Standard with stamped aluminum doors, heavy duty in-swinging hinges, and triple sealed doors.
Bright Engine Air Intake.
Fine particulate filter for cabin air HVAC.
Cab HVAC - Day Cab System with Defrost, A/C, and 48,000 BTU/hr Heater. Includes automatic temperature control with one touch defrost operation and dash mounted cab temperature and solar intensity sensors. Pleated fresh air filter and cabin recirculation air filter standard.
Shutoff Valves to Isolate Primary Heater.
Steering wheel: 18 in. 4-spoke.
Column Mtd Retarder Control.
Adjustable telescoping tilt steering column.
Dash Switch: 1st Single-Acting Mounted PTO Electric switch, wiring, software, air solenoids, and
plumbing to be factory-installed to control the 1st Eaton (single-acting) trans PTO.
Gauge: Axle oil temperature, dual-drive axle.
Gauge: Oil Temperature Gauge Transmission.
Driver Performance Center: 5in Full Color high resolution Thin Film Transistor (TFT) active matrix display with
advanced driver information including fuel economy performance, outside air temp, clock, odometer and trip, engine hour meter, ignition timer, engine RPM, general truck information, diagnostics, and gear display. All Highline functionality is accessed via the MCS providing intuitive control at the driver’s fingertips. Also includes Dark Cabin functionality. When activated, the only interior light that will function when a door is opened is the door courtesy lamp.
Interior color: Slate Gray.
Rubber floor mat.
Driver Seat: GT701 HB with Vinyl material.
Rider Seat: GT100 Toolbox IB with Vinyl Material.
Radio with AM/FM/WB/USB and Bluetooth.
Base Level Audio System – Day cab High Performance.
CB installation kit: Center mounted of header.
Long grab handle RH side mounted to side-of-cab.
Grab handle: LH, Exterior, Side of Cab - Ergonomic 3 Grab Handle Mounted To The Left Hand Exterior Of The Cab For Entry and Exit.
Dual Cab Interior Grab handles.
Aero Mirror: Dual Aerodynamic Motorized.
One-piece bonded-in windshield with curved glass.
Exterior stainless steel sun visor.
Wheel well Fender Extension.
Cab Air Suspension.

Lights & Instruments---Equal to or Greater
Headlamps: SAE Dual Halogen Complex Reflector.
Marker Lights: Five, rectangular, LED.
Turn Signal Lights: Flush mounted LED.
LED Stop, Turn, Tail: With Two LED backup lights
Marker Lights: Interrupter Switch.
Electric Backup Alarm: Meets SAE J994 & OSHA requirements.
Poly switches replacing fuses. Switch will automatically reset after removal of excess load.

Air Equipment---Equal to or greater
Air Dryer Bendix AD-IS heated Puraguard.
Warning triangle reflector kit: Shipped loose.
One 5 lb. dry chemical type fire extinguisher.

Paint color L2956 Gray.
Base coat/clear coat.

Wheelbase---Equal to or greater
209” minimum wheelbase
141” CA minimum

Dump Body---Equal to or Greater (maybe be quoted separately)
Frame Type – 14’
Yardage 14/16
Floor Material: 3/16 A1011
Front Material: 38” 10 GA A1011
Side Material: 32” 10 GA A1011
Vertical Side Brace: Yes
Horizontal Brace: No
Color - Black
Hoist/Cylinder: T10-5383
Hydraulic Tank – Steel side mount 13/9 gal
Hydraulics: 85 CC Gear Pump with DIN Shaft
Tipping Valve – Tank Mount
Tailgate – air operated with 3 vertical panels – 10GA A1011
Cab shield full width – ½ (24”) w/asphalt apron
Lights/Harness – LED Lights and standard harness

Sealed bids are hereby invited by the Claiborne Parish Police Jury for the purchase of the above referenced vehicle. Specifications will be furnished with the bid form and the furnished bid form must be used. Bid forms are available at the Claiborne Parish Police Jury Office, 507 West Main Street, Homer, Louisiana 71040. The sealed bids will be received until 2:00 p.m. on Monday, May 6, 2024, at which time the said bids will be opened and read. The said bids will be acted on at the regular meeting of the Claiborne Parish Police Jury to be held on May 8, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. The Claiborne Parish Police Jury reserves the right to reject any and all bids for just cause. The Claiborne Parish Police Jury is a tax-exempt governmental body.

Dwayne R. Woodard
Claiborne Parish Police Jury
P.O. Box 270
Homer, LA 71040-0270

For Publication in the official journal of the Claiborne Parish Police Jury – The Guardian Journal – March 22nd, March 29th and April 12th, 2024.


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